Athlete Sponsorships


Geared for competitive figure skaters in the USA
-Sponsorship training stipend
-Costume designer- creator
-Mentorship support
-Skating equipment sponsorship
-Diversify ice gear
-must participate in at least 2 seminar events from Diversify Ice
-must sign up for competitive qualifying season to receive remaining awarded funds.
-Participate in DiversifyIce show
-Invite to Diversify Ice awards gala and Skate-raiser

Skate with heart sponsorship

Skate with heart sponsorship (in partnership with Sacred Heart University)
Geared for introductory beginner skaters to take Learn to skate lessons, geared for Kids attending schools from underrepresented communities.
-up to 8 weeks of intro learn to skate lessons
-new beginner skates
-pathways to support skater in private lessons with Diversify Ice certified coaches across America.
-participate in Diversify Ice “Be (DIFF)erent “ campaign to share why it’s cool to try a different unconventional sport to your community.

Tai Babilonia award

The inaugural Tai Babilonia award, on behalf of Olympian and Diversify Ice Board member Tai Babilonia, began Juneteenth June 19th, 2021.
This award is open to Diversify Ice Ambassadors and performers in Diversify Ice shows (eg. SkateRaiser). 
Details on this award will be displayed here soon.

Block sponsorship

Geared for underrepresented skaters internationally with financial need and talent.
-Can apply for funding to offset training expenses
-can apply for specific equipment needs.
-share why you need these funds

#DiversifyIceHockey Sponsorship

-open to underrepresented hockey players on a hockey team (synchro and hockey)
-funding to support or offset equipment (skates, helmet, pads, private lessons)
-must demonstrate noticeable talent at an early age.