Funds support minority figure skaters achieve their full potential in
the sport and in life.

Your support can take underrepresented figure skaters far in this sport. Funds can help defray the cost of: coach lessons, ice time, skating equipment, travel, tests and competition events, and the mission of Diversify Ice overall success of the athlete in life through education support, and mentorship. 

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Jackson Ultima • Artbae • Polyglide Ice • Aurora Tights • FLEXAFIT • Mary Montany • Lauren Sperber  •  Reggie Stanley • Joshua McRae  • Hailey Dearborn • Melanie Heaney • Sherry Martin • Heather Mason • Simon (
Members of Cal Figure Skating Team • Kiersten Keating (Sacred Heart University) • PUFSC

Donation partnerships

Jackson Ultima is a distinguished partner with Diversify Ice. We are thankful to Jackson Ultima for standing in solidarity with Diversify Ice in our aim to make figure skating a more diverse and welcoming community. Jackson Ultima partners with Diversify Ice by providing boots and blades and gear through Diversify Ice to defray the costs of equipment for competitive minorities in figure skating through Diversify Ice competitive sponsorship applications. We look forward to many great years in partnership with Jackson Ultima.

Learn more about Jackson Ultima

Aurora Tights has been a partner with Diversify Ice for several years and has helped provide tights in various shades to underrepresented figure skaters that are in the Diversify Ice family. We are thankful for their continuous partnership.

Learn more about Aurora Tights

Kiersten Keating is a student at Sacred Heart University and a figure skater. She shared her passion with Diversify Ice in bringing skating to underrepresented beginner skaters across the country. As part of her cap stone projects, Kiersten has partnered with Diversify Ice on the “Skate With Heart Sponsorship” for beginner skaters across the country.

Learn more about Kiersten Keating and the “Skate With Heart” Sponsorship

Simon is a competitive ice dancer in Boston and he started a fund raiser by hand making and selling skate pendants and key chains, where the net proceeds will go to Diversify Ice to support diversity in figure skating. He has met and supposed his fund raising goal.

Learn more about Simon (Skate Pendants for Diversity)

Cate Fleming is a competitive pairs skater training in Irvine, CA. She is a four-time national medalist and a Competitor at the national and international levels. She attributes her success to a strong supportive team around her.  She wants to help Diversify Ice bring that kind of support to skaters who are underrepresented in our sport.

Learn more about Cate Fleming

The Capitol Skating Fund Committee of WFSC is a non-profit that has been supporting skaters and organizations in the DMV since 1989. Diversify Ice is proud to partner with this great organization.

Learn more about Capitol Skating Fund

Ice Works Skating Club isa non-profit skating club in Pennsylvania, dedicated to promoting skating. We thank IWSC for supporting Diversify Ice in our effort to lower the roadblocks to success for competitive minority figure skaters. We look forward to working together. 

Learn more about Ice Works Skating Club

FLEXAFIT is a sport specific educational and service provider. Members from their team held online live training classes where a portion of the funds went to support Diversify Ice. 

Learn more about FLEXAFIT

Costume Couture by Naomi is  a one of a kind costumes and custom design services for figure skating, ice dancing, ballroom, artistic roller skating, rhythmic gymnastics and competitive dance. Naomi is in partnership with Diversify Ice to provide costumes for competitive skaters through the Diversify Ice Fellowship Sponsorship program.

Learn more about Costume Couture by Naomi

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