About the Program

Diversify Ice Ambassadors are the face of Diversify Ice in their community and across the globe.
What you will need to do:
Ambassadors should make at least 2 post each month highlighting Diversify Ice and tag us on their social media profiles #diversifyIceAmbassador and or @diversify_ice Ambassador
Ambassadors must be a positive role model at their rink and community, by encouraging underrepresented skaters at your rink and online and connecting friends to join ice skating through Diversify Ice.
What you get:
Ambassadors will be featured on the Diversify Ice website and newsletter.
Ambassadors representing USA will receive Diversify Ice swag gear and be put on priority list for support, if needed.
Ambassadors representing the USA are invited to Diversify Ice Mentorship support session.
Ambassadors are part of a nationwide network of Diversify Ice Ambassadors. The nationwide network of ambassadors will meet at least annually (virtual) sessions on how best to collaborate and be a role model for diversity in skating.
Ambassadors will have the opportunity to Participate in DiversifyIce shows.
Ambassadors representing USA will be invited to participate in Diversify Ice awards gala and Skate-raiser in person or virtually
Find out how you can become a Diverisfy Ice Ambassadors by sharing why you believe you should be a Diversify Ice Ambassador at

Meet the ambassadors

My Skill
Web Designer 34%

Pooja Kalyan​


My name is Pooja Kalyan and I am honored to be an ambassador for Diversify Ice. Skating has been a part of my life since I was six years old and I am currently a member of Team USA figure skating! I love figure skating for its beautiful combination of athleticism and artistry, a quality that I try to show in my own performances. Outside of figure skating, I am currently a senior in high school and I will be attending Brown University as part of their Class of 2026. I also enjoy working out, baking, and bullet journaling in my free time!

Noemie Bodenstein


My name is Noémie Bodenstein and I’m a Swiss senior single skater. I’ve trained in several different places such as Toronto and Oberstdorf. I’m the 2019/20 Swiss National silver medalist and I’ve represented my country in multiple international competitions and Junior Grand Prix. My goal is to get to go to bigger competitions such as Europeans, Worlds, etc..

I think that diversity in skating is something that gets forgotten very often and DiversifyIce Foundation makes such a great job reminding people of its importance. They send such a strong message to the skating community and I’m very glad to represent them as an Ambassador.

Louisa Arwin


I am an 🇳🇴 Oslo, Norway Figure Skater and Violinist🎻 representing Diversify Ice as a global Ambassador.

Shiven Bodasing


Diversify Ice Ambassador South Africa, Shiven Bodasing.

He is 25 years old, from Johannesburg, South Africa, where he works as an animal protection officer, and a law student. He has fallen in love with skating since the beginning of 2020. Although new to the sport, he has taken to it quite well. He has a love for the challenge skating brings him, and is passionate about encouraging people of colour to the sport. Even after breaking his arm during skating practice in September 2020, he was back soon thereafter on the ice, the place he escapes the stresses of the world.

Shiven is a registered adult athlete and will be competing in the males adult singles division at his club, Central Gauteng, with the hopes of participating in Oberstdorf in Germany 2022 after completing inter-provincial championships. Shiven describes his skating as a unique and artistic extension of his soul, and often just moves with the direction of music.

Shiven indicated that, although his club has a good representation, there are so many ways in which the stereotypes of the sport need to be shifted and in some instances obliterated, he maintains that skating is for everyone, and he is determined to prove to people that it really doesnt matter what you look like, you can be the skater of your dreams.

“It is not up to us to mimic others but to be the most authentic person and shine in that authenticity.”

Demis Maryannakis


Diversity for me is not necessarily focused on having more than one ethnicity in the room or on the ice, but also includes people from different backgrounds with varied life experiences. Ideally we should meet people that encourage us to expand our world view, because not everyone we meet has the same background, and we should be able to relate to people from different walks of life. That’s why I am proud to represent Diversify Ice as an ambassador, for highlight and uplifting our differences in ice skating.

3x Eastern Adult Sectional Silver Medalist
2018 U.S. Adult National Intermediate/Novice
Masters Bronze Medalist



Zuri fell in love with skating after a public skating session with her family when she was four years old. Now 12 years old, she competes at the Juvenile level. When she’s not on the ice, Zuri enjoys designing on Roblox Studio and TinkerCAD

Zuri’s goal this season is to compete with a clean double axel and to land my first triple jump; my ultimate goal is to make it to Nationals, Worlds, and the Olympics!

“Ice skating is an incredible sport. When you get on the ice and learn to jump and spin, it feels like you’re flying and nothing else matters. Everyone, no matter what they look like, should have the opportunity to skate and should be accepted when they do. Diversify Ice is working to make skaters of all backgrounds feel welcome and supported in ice skating. I’m happy to represent Diversify Ice as an ambassador.”

Alexa Gasparotto



Alexa Gasparotto is competing at the senior level. She from Canton Michigan representing Arctic Edge FSC with Rohene Ward as her main coach.

She mentioned that once she became a Diversify Ice Ambassador it opened her eyes to see that the change in figure skating that should have happened so long ago is finally happening and I couldn’t be happier. Not only seeing a big change happen but being a part of it is something that will not be forgotten. 

Nathan Chapple



Diversify Ice Ambassador Nathan is competing at the Junior level with Rohene Ward as his head coach.




DiversifyIce is important to
me because we instil hope
and confidence in young
figure skaters like me.
DiversifyIce provides me
with a platform to grow, and
as your new ambassador, I
am committed to growing
other figure skaters like me.