DiversifyIce Fellowship Application


About the Fellowship:

This competitive fellowship is geared for underrepresented competitive figure skaters in the USA. Skater must demonstrate early talent and financial need.
Application opens Friday, May 14th and closes Friday, July 23rd

Applicants notified in early August
What you get:
-Sponsorship training stipend (Half of stipend is available at the start of the fellowship and the other half is available after 6 months. Skater must remain a qualified fellowship skater)
-Costume designer- creator
-Mentorship support
-Skating equipment sponsorship
-Diversify ice gear
-Diversify Ice Ambassador perks
*Funds will expire if skater does not remain qualified for the whole season.
What Fellows must do:
-Must participate in at least 2 seminar events from Diversify Ice
-Must sign up/ and compete in competitive qualifying season to receive remaining awarded funds (Regionals, Sectionals, Nationals) depending on the disbursement date.
-Participate in at least one DiversifyIce show
-Skater will be Invited to Diversify Ice shows, events and annual Skate-raiser event.
-Highlight Diversify Ice in social Media and other outlets each month.