Skate With Heart Sponsorship

Skate With Heart Sponsorship

Skate with Heart

About the Sponsorship:

Diversify Ice Skate With heart Sponsorship (in partnership with Sacred Heart University) is geared for introductory beginner skaters to take Learn to skate lessons for free and includes free new beginner equipment for the skater to own. This program is geared for underrepresented Kids attending schools from underrepresented communities across America.
This is a competitive application for kids across America. We encourage students to complete all aspects of application. For 2021 Diversify Ice will choose between 3-5 skaters across America.
Application opens Friday, July 30, 2021 and closes Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

Winners will be chosen the week of August 22nd

Skaters can begin the Learn To Skate group lessons as early as September

What you get:
-Up to 8 weeks of intro Learn To Skate lessons (Skater receives free group LTS lessons)
-Your own new beginner skates (Skater receives Free skates)
-Public Transportation support
-Pathways to continuous support for skater in private lessons with Diversify Ice certified coaches across America.
-Ability to participate in Diversify Ice “Be (DIFF)erent “ campaign to share why it’s cool to try a different unconventional sport to your community.